Facepreviews (EPL ✓, Bundesliga ✓, Ligue 1 ✓, Seria A ✓, England - Lower Leagues ✓)


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I've decided to create faces previews from the game. EPL previews are already done.
You can add your special tags for more comfortable sort. I've added a few, but the most faces have no tags.
How to add tags:

If you are able to create screenshots with resolution 3840x2160, you can use the Action for Photoshop, you should just record one more step (saving in JPG to prefered folder) and press Stop. Use File - Automate -Batch to apply the Action for whole folder with pictures to crop. Do and share :)

Facepreviews - EPL
Facepreviews - Bundesliga
Facepreviews - LaLiga
Facepreviews (All in One) - EPL, Bundesliga, LaLiga (3D-Beard sort by tags added)
Facepreviews - Ligue 1, Seria A, England - Lower Leagues
Photoshop Action

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