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Hello!!!Can you realised the download of acquah...for me he is very very similar!!!!sakai is perfect congratulations


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Here's my attempt for Georgi Milanov (CSKA newbie). Suggest me better hair variants.

Paweł 2010;3520059 said:
cristante ?
Yeah, that's Cristante, but as I've already said, it's not my best work.


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Alex_AA;3518900 said:
Here is a new face. I made it all day, but still can't say, that I'm satisfied enough with the result. This player has no good photos at all, but I needed his face very much, therefore I've made it. So I hope, somebody can recognize him. :)

Please link this Cristante face! I think good work! Thank you!


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Alex_AA;3464170 said:
Here's my first face after long break

Vladimir Darida (FC Viktoria Plzeň/Czech Republic)

Waiting for your comments ;)

Can you give link to Darida and Lafata? And Coud you make Vaclík, Krejčí, Hübschman and Kozák? Thx


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Hi, guys. Sorry for such a long absence from the forum. Because of lack of time, I couldn't make faces for a whole month. But now I'm trying to get back to work, although I still can't promise, that I'll make faces so regularly, how I make em earlier.
So here's a new face - Tom Carroll (Tottenham)

And also some new textures, that I've recently made:
Mushaga Bakenga (Club Brugge/Norway U-21)

Jorge Enríquez (Guadalajara/Mexico)

Antonio Candreva (Lazio/Italy)

Massimo Gobbi (Parma)

P.S.: In Fifa 13 I've started a new career with Lazio, so you can wait more faces for players from Serie A, and from Lazio particularly. :)