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Faces Conversion fifa 21 to fifa 15


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varela bruno
Munir El Haddadi
amrabat sofyane
barkok aymen

link :


  • Capture d’écran (198).png
    Capture d’écran (198).png
    112 KB · Views: 264
  • Capture d’écran (199).png
    Capture d’écran (199).png
    107.9 KB · Views: 287
  • Capture d’écran (200).png
    Capture d’écran (200).png
    89.3 KB · Views: 271
  • Capture d’écran (201).png
    Capture d’écran (201).png
    109.5 KB · Views: 295
  • Capture d’écran (202).png
    Capture d’écran (202).png
    100.8 KB · Views: 273


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we're back guys ,
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any amount is motivating to keep working ;)
thanks in advance guys.
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@nilta Kouyate crystal palace player and also Bartley and Robinson Westbrom players has no head.
If u can make these player faces it would be very helpful.