Faces Fábio Viana


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Send me the files to convert because I do not have...
Aouar https://fifafacemakers.blogspot.com/2018/01/lyon.html
bro can you convert this lukaku


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Very beautiful faces. Always in constant updating, you are very good complimanti! Thanks for the work done I hope so that continues to give great faces always unique !!!
PS sorry for my bad English.


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Thank you so much for the wonderful faces:ewan:
A little problem with your newest posted players on you blog .
Helander & Rhoden have only hair and hairlods files (heads and faces are missing).Can you please update the download files ?

Thank you so much in advance..you're doing an amazing job for the community !!!:D


Youth Team
[QUOTE = "Boleiro, post: 6505471, member: 207418"] Master, do not call this guy, he made you and pao4rever do the same face, he does not know how long it takes to create a new face from scratch. he does not d to post, it looks like he's 11 years old. [/ QUOTE]
Fuk off boleiro.I didnt make them do the same face.I will make sure you suffer

fabio viana

postar para um mestre apenas, se não estiver na minha rota de trabalho, direi