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Faces for FIFA 23 (or else)


Club Supporter
you have the scripts and the complements How to convert .rx3 to .fbx mesh | How to convert FIFA heads so I can do the process


Club Supporter
Boy, how I wanted this Effenberg face, and as I said, I don't have fifa 23, my pc only runs 22, and I do some editing and I know it's not very difficult for you to make this face available for fifa 22.
But what I would really like is for you to make available the female faces of fifa 23 for 22.
at least the files ( head-model ) please man, do it!


Club Supporter
Hi upload Edgar Davids for fifa23


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    images (17).jpeg
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Youth Team
Hello there, do you think it is possible to have converted faces for FIFA 23 from this Fatalinho pack?



Youth Team
Hey chief, question... I downloaded your Abderrazak Hamdallah for FIFA 23 but I would like to convert it to 16 and the file has a "fifaproject" extension... what can I do to convert it please???... thanks!!

Francesco Farioli

Club Supporter


Hi, sorry to bother you, I have an unusual request for you), you can make a Heiko Westermann face for me, but please be bald in advance, thank you! it is in FIFA 18 IDs 52270


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