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FC Bayern München Thread [2012/2013]

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They say that it was Pep and Sammer vs. Rummenigge. Rummenigge didn't think Kroos was a big game player, and now he's going to be proven as a complete fucking moron before Kroos' transfer is even official. He just let the starting #10 for (maybe) Germany's World Cup Winning Squad to go to Real Madrid for a nominal fee.


Make America Great Again
This has officially become my favorite post of mine ever. January, 2007

ShiftyPowers;2259555 said:
Can you imagine Bayern lining up with Robben and Ribery flanking Lukas Podolski? That's not fair for the rest of the Bundesliga. You know, once Lukas starts playing like Lukas.

Uh... you can ignore the part where I assume Poldi will become a world class striker.


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So, Kroos confirmed he's leaving. Pep is retarded. Even with Thiago and Gotze, Kroos totally deserved whatever he was asking for. How on earth you wind up letting go of one of your best players given your status is ridiculous.


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You selling Kroos for 25 mil. makes me feel a little better about us selling Thiago for the same amount. Both transfers are retarded anyway.
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