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FIFA Evolution it's proud to present first patch for Romanian League - FERL 2014 v1. The main administrators of that patch is shadow_boy32 but for this patch worked editors like CristianAmateratsu (echipa FE), Achiles Fifagames, Fachis D (fifa-argentina). We had 3 testers : Sandu Daniel, Claudiu Otelul and blue_style. I want to thanks a lot to next editors: Telmo Santos, Zad (FIFA Serbia), Lolo, Nesta and Luis_Figo.

Work hard play hard

Instruction to instal:
First of all delete all from "My documents" - FIFA 14 folder. After that you have to instal 3 parts:

1- Instal first part in "My documents"
2-Instal the second part in the main folder of FIFA 14.
3-Instal the second part in the main folder of FIFA 14 and after that let the regenerator to finish his work.

If you have problems contact us on
FACEBOOK :https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fifa-Evolution/181408701887394?bookmark_t=page
FORUM :http://fifa-evolution.ucoz.ro/forum

Download link:


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cRistYaNNo ;)

VietNamNo1;3583761 said:
Are u create new ID league or replace EA's leagues ? Is it possible to play career and tournament ?

We replaced EA League man, and its possible to play career and tournament :)


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I am Fachis friend, excellent this patch.. and now I know how to put each replay in each league ;)


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If this is a good patch... even the screenshots are made by a non-professionist :(
Don't talk about Steaua kits. That logo make me laught. Even adboards.. same story..every year...guys try to make a PRO patch. Came on! You can do it :)


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Nice patch Cristi :) From us you will always have good votes and help,doesn't matter what anybody says...;)


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Nice patch, works well, i'm in 3rd year of career and no bugs at all. Of course, it will be nice to have a second division not to get bored, but...for now it's ok. The players with custom faces have black ears but i dont give a damn. The balls are nice but i dont like to use them in game (always red ball for Steaua? Nooooo...!) Easy fix with CM14. Thanks, great work.