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FERL V3 it's ready for realise!
Here we are with FIFA Evolution Romanian League v3 with First and Second Romanian Leagues Patch for FIFA 13.
Some images to see what the patch contain:

Link to download


Administrator of this patch : shadow_boy32 with his FIFA Evo friends: Soare Sergiu Marian, Cristiano Andres, Spuk and marius_lacatus13.
Also I would like to thank a lot to all my friends from soccergaming and FIFA Evo partners:

- Nebojša Trajković, ZikaJeSrbin, Devilish Soldier, Voja_SRB, Filip Lukic, Mitke92 (for great help in Serbian teams)
- NightFire, SckraT, FOXLISIN, HIT MAN, Vladtol, Dikobraz, Alex G, alex94, Vadios, TORNADO, Carlos*ass86, andrey01925, Medved9508 and USSR Team (for Russian faces) darrek1988, Jarro Celtian, Walczu (for Ukrainean Teams)
- Bernd (for his great tool)
- fifaCCitiu.com
- Gusanito
- zico99
- New_Maker
- BitmaueR (Caldwell)
- dominat0r
- Tonce
- Cesc_4
- wolff
- Rabzyxor
- CoolerMaster
- Mad Man
- bina
- SieL23
- zico95
- dshift
- sam_red devil
- xavialex
- DizzeeSpellz
- sepak
- utopia79
- vegasos
- zyreq
- root4rulez
- pao4ever
- scouser09
- iard68
- evolution

I hope that the list it’s complete. If someone who helped me on FERL V3 is not on list please contact me and I will update it, because you can see there are a lot of names.

Thank you again to all!!


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Ma fratilor se poate sa fie ceva trainer sau ceva editor de cariera sa pot sa modific salariul jucatorilor din cariera ? de ex il cumpar pe Gabriel CDM , si dupa un sezon imi cere un salariu mult prea exagerat , voi cum procedati ,


Sorry , i'm new here , and i apologize for this post but i don't know where else to ask please help me guys , i want to know if there is a trainer or a patch or something wich can help me to decrease player salary when i renewing the contract , or just to help me to maintain the same salary , in career mode ??

For example i have purchased Gabriel ( CDM , in career mode ) and now is asking for much bigger salary


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What is his current salary and what's the salary that he asks? Usually, when a player wants a raise, I simply ignore his requests, the board will put him on the transfer list, I reject the offers received from him, and when the next season will arrive, I can take him off the transfer list and he will forget about asking that raise! ;)


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In that case, either you sell him in the first transfer window, or extend his contract. The choice is yours!

And btw, you didn't answered to my question:
Astristul said:
What is his current salary and what's the salary that he asks?