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FHL-Tools: News/Support by Bernd @ MyFHL-Editing


Club Supporter
Hi, in save dir there are last teams changes:

C:\Users\<user>\Documents\FIFA 13\SquadOnline* or MatchDay* or FutSquads*

Is this .big like files? How could I read/extract from it??

other question, I used FHL-Transfer-Manager.exe to extract default database file fifa_ng_db.db. Is there a way to extract other things?


Club Supporter
Bernd;3311858 said:
So you can't run this tool. You have to install FIFA.

I made a picture for you, that should descripe the process very easy:

Type in Windows-Start-Menu: regedit.
You will see 1 tool regedit.exe -> start it.
Now go to this directory:
Rightclick in the right field and select new -> String Value
Type the following name: Install Dir
The value is your FIFA path.
Here you can see a screenshot:

@Wolverine: I don't get that :D
I don't know how that can be in relation with the bh-files. I think you have some files extracted from elsewhere? Try regeneration without taking care of extern files and look if the problem is solved.

i cant find my fifa 13 folder in regedit.. only fifa 11 in that regedit