FIFA 07 22/23 Kits [HD Kit/Body Model]


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Hi everyone,

I started to convert kits from FIFA16 and PES21 to FIFA 07 HD Kit/Body model by using Dmitri's Kit Converter.

I converted the following leagues already:

  • Germany - Bundesliga
  • England - Premier League
  • England - Championship
  • Spain - La Liga
  • Spain - Liga Smartbank
  • France - Ligue 1
  • Italy - Serie A
  • Italy - Serie B
  • Netherlands - Eredivisie
  • Portugal - Liga Portugal
  • Scotland - Premiership
  • Sweden - Allsvenskan
  • Turkey - Süper Lig
  • Argentina - Superliga
  • Mexico - Liga MX
  • United States - Major League Soccer
  • National Teams
  • Rest of World
You can check all the progress and the kits in FIFA 07 Kits DB.

I have uploaded both the images and FSH files. You can download them all in the link below.

FSH files are created based on the FIFA IDs of the teams. You can add the kits to FIFA 07 with Asset Loader.

My following work will be the conversion of mini kits from the Football Manager game based on these kits.

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I have almost completed the kits and mini kits for the FIFA 23 Initial database teams.

I am planning to share all the kits and mini kits as a pack.

As I mentioned before, I am converting kits from various PES and FIFA games using PES/FIFA Kit Converter.

I am converting mini kits from Football Manager FC'12 Kits by FMSlovakia and Sudamakers. For the missing mini kits, I use PES to FM Kit Converter and FM Kit Generator if I have kits from PES games.

The missing teams:
- Zhejiang Professional FC
- Shijiazhuang Ever Bright F.C.
- Meizhou Hakka
- Chengdu Rongcheng F.C.
- Al Tai
- Al Khaleej

If anyone can help me with these teams, I would be grateful.

You can check my process: