FIFA 07 Editing Tool List


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Being there's always people asking where they can find a utility or 2,
and being some are very hard to find, here's a list I've constructed to
help members find them much more easily...

* File Master 07 v2.0 - By Rinaldo - Manage files inside the zdata
* Creation Master 07 - By Rinaldo - Many things, just try it!
* Creation Centre 2007 - By Chau Le - Many things, just try it!
* Db Master v2.3 - By Rinaldo - DataBase editor
* Kits Master 07 - By Rinaldo - Converts kits format (FIFA06 - WC06 - FIFA07, etc)
* Sound Master 07 - By Rinaldo - Edit sounds in the game
* FIFAData 2007 v1.6 - By Ludo - many functions, something like the Creation Center
* AdBoards Importer 2GA - By Hrvoje Bajlo - Import publicity boards
* Boot Center 07 - By Hrvoje Bajlo - Import Boots, with Keegan's Boot Center
* Flag Center 2GF - By Hrvoje Bajlo - Import Flags for your team
* Turf Importer v1.0 - By Hrvoje Bajlo - Import different kinds of Turfs (grass on the pitch)
* Fancrowd Changer v1.5 - By MexicanTraveller & -TK-
* FIFA Date Converter - By ECP
* EA Traxx Converter - By ???
* 07 Menu Working - By MonkeyDragon - Import Minikits, Minifaces, Manager faces and Logos
* 07 Match Explorer - By MonkeyDragon
* 07 Background Working - By MonkeyDragon - Change background pictures
* 07 ADBoard Working - By MonkeyDragon Import/ Export/ View 1GA (256x64) 2GA (512x128)ADBoard
* 07 Flag Working - By MonkeyDragon - Import 2GF (256x168 PNG) Flag
* 07 TURF MAKING TUTORIAL + 07 TURF MAKER - By MonkeyDragon - Make Turfs for your game + COMDLG32 (a file you might need)
* 07 AMBIENT SOUND PATCH - By MonkeyDragon - Changes the cheering from the crowd (ohhs, aahs, etc)
* 07 Popups Manager - By MonkeyDragon - Manage PopUps and Scoreboards (FA, Liga, Champions, etc)
- 07 POPUPS ADD-ON PACK 1 (Turkish League, LFP Spain, Update Bundesliga)
- 07 POPUPS ADD-ON PACK 2 (Serie A, Eredivisie, LFP France, ZDF DFB)
* Kit Raptor 2GK v1.0 - By Ariel Santarelli - Imports Kits in 2GK
* PatchMaker Tools 07 (FatGUI & FATBH) - By Arushan
* UniDB version 4.0 - By Hercules - Database Editor
* BigGui v0.4r1 - By GreyMana
* FshEd v0.0.5 - By Brien
* OEdit 0.2a (b40) - By Arushan - Edit .O files (for faces, kits, etc)
* FIFA 07 Player Editor (Access) - By VM
* Trainer Master 07 - by Kristian82 - For editing the career
* EA Graphics Editor v1.0.4b - by Brien Smith - General purpose graphics viewer/editor

* .Net Framework - By Microsoft - How to download: 1, 2 - Needed for many of the previous utilities to work
- new link Framework

If you know of a tool that's not listed here, or a tool that's been updated,
please post a link to it and I'll add it to the main list above. Cheers...


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thanks..this is great man hopefully its stickied so we dont get the same questions over and over in editors threads. you should add oedit in there though.


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Cahill you are the man. Thank you very much man. I spent lot of my time searching all these but now nobody has to spend his time. Briliant.

Thanks once again mate. Make this thread sticky please.


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This is a great compilation, thanks for taking the time to put it together Cahill.

Very usefull for people like who are just trying to get started in learning about these mods for FIFA07. It seems that most here are geared for the FIFA07 PC version, but I'm assuming the utilities will also work with other versions (specifically Xbox version) as long as the resource files are the same?

Also, perhaps you can also post some mirrors in this thread as I'm looking to start with Hrvoje's 2GF Flag Center and it seems the main site "fifa4fans" is down. :(


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excellent idea Cahill, Congrats you just made a sticky thread (Y)

PS: i modified some of the links and add the "by.." in the ones i know, if somebody knows the others, would be great to tell us


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Thanks for the Sticky and adding the 'by...' lines, Lucho. :shades:

I'll track down the Authors names for the other apps and amend
the details to the list.



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Cahill, you could drop some lines after each download, to know for what it can be used, 'cause some newbies (like me), don't know exactly every and each of the programmes. Thank you very much!:)