FIFA 07 Freezes - Dashboard problems


Reserve Team
I dont know if is in the whole world, but almost in Europe there´s a lot of problems with FIFA 07 and the last update of the 360 dashboard from Microsoft.

Some of you may be, have notice about that if you are connected in LIVE and you start FIFA 07, then pass around 10 secs, and pfff...STOP...console freezes. But if you are not connected in LIVE, game works perfectly....then....what happens with multiplayer??

So, seems that there´s not a problem from Microsoft, due ALL the games works perfectly except FIFA 07, so seems a mistake from EA and his "ingame sports news" - "EA servers" - "and the game itself". This three factors enter in conflict

I putted in contact with them and they are trying to arrange it. So the only available option that i found is to change my region from the 360. Try to put U.K. seems that it works well.

Hope it helps, before to kick your console.....

Take care

The Mind