FIFA 08 'Euro 2008' online tournament


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I am organising a Euro 2008 tournament on Fifa 08 (not euro 2008 i'm afraid as i don't have it and hope more people have Fifa 08)

I have 8 players from avforums, so need 8 more ASAP

Each player will be assigned random team out of the 16 teams who qualified for the tournament (providing they're all in the game, otherwise alternate teams will be used) and you will be given a deadline to get each of the matches done, but within that deadline you can schedule your match with your opponent for whatever time suits both parties

The fixtures in the group stages will mirror that of the real tournament, but after that the knockout rounds will be decided by a random draw. The real tournament runs from 7th June to 29th of June which is a little over 3 weeks, which will be plenty of time to get the Fifa tournament decided. The group stage of Fifa 08 games will be played from the 7th June to the 15th June which gives everyone just over a week to play their 3 group matches. The latter rounds will take place commencing the 19th June which should allow for the odd scheduling problem from the group stages. The rest of the schedule will be worked out to best suit the remaining 8 players.

Each player needs to be on xbox live gold (obviously) and will need sign up to so they and I can keep track of theirs and other people's results

rules: 5 minute halves, any controls, any stadium, no half way line shots or any other exploits, decent internet connections only, no quitters, no trash talking.

i need 8 more people..

already signed up from avforums:
Me (Marc27uk)
slush (randomnut)
Saff3r (saff3r)
guycoombs (G11Y)
alexmufc91 (Alex MUFC 91)
wiser1 (WISE 187)
HOLTSTER1991 (Holtster1991)
eddy no1 (eddy no1)

If you're interested, post below