Fifa 10-season 11/12 kits sharing centre


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ExittheLemming;3097039 said:
Lisburn Distillery (Northern Ireland) home and away 11-12 collar 0 round

NB the home kits is a very thinly disguised panelbeating job from a Kaisterslautern kit made by the mighty DSC Arminia (so all credit is due to him)


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Excelent kits!!!!! could it be possible if you could do the Romanian Liga 1 Kits ( home, away kits, 2011-2012) and the Belgium Jupiler league
thank very much


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could it be possible if you can help me with this kits:

Volga Nizhniy Novgorod home, away, for fifa 10

or were could i find them


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ExittheLemming;3100633 said:
Volga Nizhniy Novgorod(Russia) home and away 11-12 collar 0 round or 7 v neck

These are rather crude cos I couldn't get a decent pic of the sponsor

Does anyone have a .cmp file to download for this team? (as they're now in the Russian Premier League y'all)
Volga Nizhniy Novgorod

as of today


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West Ham away 11 -12 collar 0 round

Apologies to Carrick that this took so long (I still ain't got the socks and shorts right but it's very slightly more accurate now)