FIFA 11 Has Stopped Working on Windows 10


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I have windows 10 os. I installed fifa 11 and i did 1.01 patch. When Petr Cech screen, game is freezing. So, i run task manager and i have error that "Fifa 11 has stopped working". After i use windows 8.1/8/7, i could play fifa 11 smoothly. Please help.
I solved with troubleshooting compatibility issues. I clicked right to fifa.exe and troubleshooting compatibility issues. I selected "The program works on older versions of Windows." and clicked next. After that i selected windows 7 and clicked next and clicked "Test Program". So, fifa 11 runs smoothly.


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can you uploud the reg file plz i just installed 10 and it is not working and the fifaconfig.exe has been deleted :( , thanks in advance