FIFA 11 PS2 - Who play ?


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Who play in FIFA 11 version on Playstation 2.Game it's not this same against X360,PS3 and PC version.Despite that this version of the game is not bad.
According to me this version of FIFA 11 it's,some good and some bad.
My evaluation is 6,5/10.


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minor change on fifa11 ps 2. the obviously seen were just the kits of season 2010/2011. pes11 on ps2 was absolutely awesome.


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I have a PS2 and got FIFA 11 but it sucks on the PS2. PES 2011 is much better. I play FIFA 11 on the PC (it's decent) and on the PS3 (it's awesome). Haven't tried out PES since the 09 PC version though, so I don't know how it is compared to FIFA this year, and I haven't really heard anyone compare the two.