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FIFA 13 Files Can Use In FIFA 14 ?


Youth Team
Faces, Kits, Boots, Balls And Other Files ..

I Keep A Lot FIFA 13 Editing Files, If Cant Use In FIFA 14, I Need Delete It

Thank You for Answer


Youth Team
It would be great to use the old files for fifa 14 hope it works but i think we have to wait for the rev mod.


Club Supporter
Yeah, I am interested in using FIFA '13 kits in FIFA '14, so I'll tune in to this topic, too.


Reserve Team
So far from 13 to 14 ... boots, tattoos, pop-ups and scoreboards, faces are being converted & you can get over 1000 from here:

http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/showthread.php?t=187662 (posted within this thread).

In about 3 days and using moddingway 0.5 Im pretty much back to what i had in 13 now in 14 apart from more updates as they come. Just goto editing section of 14 and watch and check out moddingway updates.

No idea about the reverse, seeing as certain things needed converting to 14 I doubt thos things will transfer back with converting the other way.