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FIFA 14 2021 All Stars League


Club Supporter
What you gonna say about my Premier League kit?

I haven't seen your Premier League uniform, send me a picture.


Club Supporter
Excuse my English, I am using the Google translator, I am creating this patch that, as the title says, is a patch with an All Stars league.
If I am creating a team from each league with the best players in the league, it will be optimized for the 2021 update of FIFA 14 from Judex Tv, a youtuber that I follow, the patch will be based on its update, the only thing that I I will add my All Stars league with their respective teams and kits, that will be my only contribution, the rest we have to thank Judex.

As I said before, the All Stars league and the kits will be completely my own, so don't steal it from me and later say that you created it.

I will publish little by little, because I am new to making patches, but this patch will be very nice, I hope you like it.

My patch will contain the following teams with their kits created by me:

Bundesliga All Stars
Premier League All Stars
J1 League All Stars
Serie A All Stars
Argentina League All Stars
Brassileirao Serie A League All Stars
Ligue 1 All Stars
Liga NOS All Stars
La Liga Santander All Stars League
SSE Airtricity League All Stars
Eredivisie All Stars
Ladbrokes Premiership All Stars
Jupiler Pro League All Stars
Champions League All Stars
Europa League All Stars
Puma All Stars
Nike All Stars

In addition, I will create tournaments for tournament mode and if possible career mode.

The tournaments that I am going to create are the following:

Club World Cup
Champions League
Europa League

And I will create some selections, but for this last I will need help, so if someone knows how to create faces, and wants to help me with my patch to create the faces of the players that I am going to do to make it realistic, you are welcome to do it, you just have to write me to the email. Stay tuned these days I am going to publish my first three teams that I already have the kits created which are:

Premier League

Until next time.
Is this patch gonna be finished any time soon?