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Guys please update Michail Antonio's hair and beard. Thank you so much


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You can continue working for Alex Iwobi.



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Moses Simon Nigeria NT Please


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@rufraph I see you're a fan of the Premier League, would you maybe like the challenge of recreating some of the iconic hairstyles for a legend of the English football (and barbershops) that is David Beckham?
Here are the latest F22 converted Beckham files from Dmitri's pack
And here maybe some inspiration if you feel interested:
Dream Team on Twitter: "Happy Birthday to David Beckham! If you didn't try  one of these as a kid, you didn't take football seriously … "

For reference, some trials on his default EA head I did back in the day:
Updated source files: here are F22 PC Beckham variations from the new Dmitri's pack including the 'old' version in case you could try doing something with it


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Jordan Larsson hair update
credits: @Lagwagon93 for base files



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Moses Simon hair update
credits: @Lagwagon93 for base files



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    moses simon front ingame.PNG
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Youth Team
Jordan Larsson hair update
credits: @Lagwagon93 for base files

Great update as always. How do you think it will turn out to update the faces of
Georgiy Tsitaishvili and Khvicha Kvaratskhelia