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FIFA 14 Blank names/team page crash


Club Supporter
Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and I would love get get some help from you on one specific topic.
I've been modding FIFA for years (keeping teams, competitions and players up to date with the FIFA database and real life). Games like FIFA 09. FIFA 14 and FIFA 12.
However, importing faces (hairtextures) in FIFA 12 is a long and annoying process and I found out that there a way to solve or get around the blank name bug in FIFA 14.
So I started to convert and import my database files from 12 to 14. Today I finally got Creation Master 14 working properly, until I started my game. Some screens (team management) just crashed, but the worst part is that the blank name bug still is in the game. Below my steps of reproduction, I would love to hear what I am doing wrong. Cheers!

1. (manually) convert the db file from 12 to 14 format and backup the proper db files. Export the db files into multiple .txt-files.
2. put the default FIFA 14 database in the db folder and regerenate Creation Master.
3. save and close, run Tools => minimize player names table. Save, close and reopen.
4. Open DBM14 and load the regenerate db file. Expand the database and save.
5. Import all the txt-files in DBM14 and save.
6. Open CM 14 and regenerate.