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FIFA 14 Demo : A Close Look


Senior Squad
TheFIFA 14 Demo for Xbox 360, PS3 and PCwill contain the next teams:
- Manchester City
- Barcelona
– Borussia Dortmund
– NY Red Bulls
– Boca Juniors
- Tottenham
– AC Milan
You will be able to play3minute halveson theCamp Nouand you will also have the opprtunity to play a FUT 14 match!
The demo will be available on September 10th on PC and Xbox 360, and on September 11th on PS3!

FIFA Ultimate Team 14 will have 9 new formations:
*.4-2-3-1 (2)
*.4-4-2 (2)
*.4-1-2-1-2 (2)
*.4-5-1 (2)
*.4-3-3 (2) “Hold”
*.4-3-3 (3) “Defend”
*.4-3-3 (4) “Attack”
*.4-3-3 (5) “False 9”

Beside the 20 teams of the Argentinian Primera Division, one more Argentinian club will feature in FIFA 14 as part of the Rest Of The World league, Club Atletico Independiente!



jeetmusic;3543262 said:
no...it usually comes two weeks before the release of the full game...

true and it is usually the same as the past years full version, can't wait to test 13.5 this year.


Starting XI
regularcat;3543268 said:
can't wait to test 13.5 this year.
Ha-ha! You might be pushing it though, sounds more like FIFA 13.2 based on the info they've released so far. Heck, EA even revealed their Vita version is the exact same game as last year; no changes whatsover, just a roster update. Not sure what's more shocking: That they would release a roster update and still charge full price, or that they were honest enough to admit it.