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FIFA 14 Faces


Staff member
xyrho_44;3549017 said:
Neymar FIFA vs PES:

PES is win!!!!

the lights don't look that well ingame, that's not from actual gameplay.
Does this look real to you?


Senior Squad
Sepak;3549064 said:
the lights don't look that well ingame, that's not from actual gameplay.
Does this look real to you?

I was thinking the same. IMO this year PES faces looks so unnatural in-game


Youth Team
Shifty*nim;3549073 said:

neymar in game look perfect.
I think make from capture lap

this year pes2014 all in game very good.
sharpness voluntarily increase
true record

all face is smooth much like Wax Doll


Club Supporter
Cesc Fabregas;3547361 said:

great thanks, any chance of seeing the other scanned Everton players? (Barkley, Vellios, Duffy, Garbutt)

Did any Everton players get custom faces or are the rest generic?

What about Deulofeu, Kone, Naismith, Oviedo?

Jagielka generic or custom?


Senior Squad
DizzeeSpellz;3549087 said:
Has anyone else noticed some updated minifaces in the database for fifa are 512x512 pixels? the rest are 160x160

sorry, I don`t understand you. what do you want?


Senior Squad
Bale - new hair already??!!

Ozil after FIFA 12 and 13, they haven't change his hair yet, and this!! even before
the game release, Bale already got new hair???!!! wtf??
maybe you ask, how do i see it. look, on the left, his hair is flicked to the back,
on the right, his hair is spiky.


Senior Squad
Bale was rescaned with Tottenham as I understood so he has a new better face than in FIFA 13, he has new 18 cam face in FIFA 14 so his hair is new, Germany and some Real M players weren't rescaned so Ozil (as Kuba from Borussia for example) has old hair, maybe EA programers will changes his hair manually but maybe not.