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barca 09 away


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If you happen to have made the blue and red teams, that would be perfect!
Calm down guys. You have to talk about it with ACICOG. As said on other occasions, he is the delegate to check the quality and precision of the shirts. What he hands me I enter without looking. I trust him - Anyone who wants to help is obviously welcome but know that we are looking for quality and detail for these jerseys.


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Ho guys, i would be glad ti make a mod for fifa 14 containing the full 2008/09 season. I found an old CSV for football manager, so i decoder ti start. Will you help me? (For stats and kits we can convert the ones from old fifa mods)(soon i'll publish the list of teams) Speed Test
Are you converting the kits one by one? I believe all F11 + mods kits have been converted in one pack somewhere.
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Hi guys, sorry for the absence.
Due to university and personal problems I stopped editing for a while.
When I solve them, I would be happy to continue editing with you!