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FIFA 14 rx3 files from CM15 pls :)

Samuel Wood

Club Supporter
Hello, I'm working on a CM15 patch converting fifa 15 to a 2007-08 database with all the kits etc. would someone please be so kind as to attach rx3 files from fifa 14 of the following players please?

Luke Young
Jermaine Jenas
Emile Heskey
Fernando Torres
Alexandre Pato
Daniel van Buyten
Kieron Dyer
Craig Bellamy
Charles NZogbia

im trying to work around this without having to buy fifa 14 just for a few rx3 files. any retired players that were in fifa 14 and not in 15 would be hugely appreciated, infact any faces that were prior to fifa 15 will assist greatly

if this gets enough attention ill post an 07-08 bpl cmp file
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Samuel Wood

Club Supporter
There you go: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2r9zotn9ivtu7p1/fifa14_ea_faces_sceneassets.zip/file

Luke Young and Charles N'Zogbia have generic faces so you can just replicate their appearance by editing DB, and Kieron Dyer isn't in FIFA14.

Retro mods are always fun so good luck!
thank you for these dude, really appreciate it :) was coming to the end of the bpl and couldnt complete wigan without heskey. players like victor valdes are still generic, but i think i may buy fifa 14 and ex/import those last few players to make life easier. still trying to figure out how to get around the whole issue with the hair rx3 floating around the players heads ingame, i'll get there though. thanks once again
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