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Fifa 15 - 17/18 season


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I have been playing Fifa on pc since I got a free copy of Fifa 96 with my overpriced Packard Bell 20 years ago.

Every year since then I have parted with my hard earned money to buy a game which EA have frankly done not much with, i still buy the game in the hope that they get lucky with gameplay reflective of the beautiful game we all love - needless to say I am always left disappointed.

Anyhow the version I have found to be easiest to mod and offering the best gp all things considered is Fifa 15. I have ultra modded my game with my own patches as well as the great work on these forums and am glad to say I am finally happy with the end result - I’ve just finished a match between Man U (cpu) and Newcastle (me) which ended 3-0 to Man U but had everything including goal line clearances, missed pen, numerous yellow cards and a fellaini curler into the top corner from 25 yards!!!!

I’ll try upload a video over the weekend as am keen to hear feedback.



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I don't find 18 to be like 17 really. I see some similarities but 17 was way more defensive. I've had games on 17 where 60 minutes were played Kodi nox in the midfield.
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