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FIFA 15 Next Season Patch 2021


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Hey, guys, Who can share with me your 'movies' and 'ui' folders in fifa 15? I just try to change theme and broke the game


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First... thanks for putting this out... especially for a game that is almost dead in terms of mods. I wanted to know if there's any possibility that if I add some third kits and change some kitnumbers colors, collars, etc. using CM 15, it will corrupt compdata or the db, because after I did that the game started crashing at kick off selection screen after I selected the team.

Thanks in advance!


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NSP 3.1 update for season 2021/2022 (lite update)

under description:
sorry for spam but I try to gain a few more views to my old youtube channel:)
What is updated:
- teams (squads, tacticts, formations) which existed in NSP 3.1 based on FIFA22 May database and fifa22 Nintento Switch 2021 December database. The detailed list is included in patch in teamUpdateInfo.txt. About 600 teams were updated.
- fixed some bugs in formations due to which You couldn't play with some teams
What is not updated:
- season still starts in 2020
- teams in leagues are as in 2020/21
- none new teams, leagues, none converence league, none new referees
- none new graphics files, just database is updated based on fifa22 May squads file and part of team tactics based on fifa 22 NS version
Known issues:
Not all NSP3.1 teams are in fifa22 database. So this means that after update teams there are many double squads players. The whole list is here:
for example Dominik Furman is in NSP3.1 in Genclerbirligi. In fifa22 in Wisla Plock. After update he is in both teams.
INF: Dominik Furman jersey name=Furman, playerid: 208630, clubs:
INF: Wisła Płock(1569), Gençlerbirliği SK(101025),
INF: Recommended team id to stay is: 1569,

It requires manual CM15 intervention to remove Dominik from Genclerbirligi and choose the best Turkish player from bench to replace him. I don't know how double squads players issue have influence on career mode. However maybe in next days I will check what happens if my tool will remove such players from teamplayerlinks.txt from old club (this will cause empty gaps in squad, bench, freekicktaker when player is removed). It would be good to check if it generates crash or fifa engine is such smart that select automatically some other player to empty position.
How to apply patch:
- copy fifa_ng_db.db file to EA SPORTS\FIFA 15\data\db and replace
(optional, if You add on your own some faces/head rx3 files execute this scouser09 script:)
- copy rm15faces.bat to EA SPORTS\FIFA 15\data\fifarna\lua\assignments
- remove files: EA SPORTS\FIFA 15\data\fifarna\lua\assignments\players
- execute rm15faces.bat in order to generate players lua files once again
How it was tested:
- I was able to play friendly match Bayern - Real and with the aid of team which caused crash in NSP 3.1
- I was able to simulate manager career from July 2020 to August 2021 with the aid of Banik Ostrava, earlier with Getafe but I was fired in the meantime:)
So not much tests were done, however from static code analysis I don't know what can be broken down more in comparison to original NSP 3.1 version.
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