FIFA 16-14 Unifinished Stadiums


Youth Team
so i've decided to open this thread in order to post here all the stadiums created or converted into FIFA 14-16 by the big stadium editors from all over the FIFA communityes...there are extracted from many and many patches created over time for those two FIFA the title said, all of them are unfinished, this meaning that all of them are missing something: for some of them crowds, for some, lights or for some of them various fixes..i've decided to post them here because in my opinion in this forum we can find some of the best stadium editors and maybe some of them will have the time and the will when they will have some free time to finish those marvellous stadiums and share with all the i said, there are extracted from many patches and i don't know the creators so all the credits goes to more thing, if someone of you have a FIFA 14-16 stadium unfinished, YOU CAN POST THE LINK HERE..maybe some stadium editor is willing to finish it...