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FIFA 16 All National Teams Patch 2018 PC

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How can i obtain the patch? I have like the posts and I have more than 10 messages on this forum as fabrizzio requested .
For this moment You have 9, not more than 10. I see 9, below screenshot as proof. Please read what I have written. When You will have got at least 10 I will sent You links of this ANT mod. Do not worry. Greetings.


Great work.
You can use my new kits (2020-2021) from the national teams that I made.
Hello. Thanks for Your kind words Friend. Well. I have sent You links. I hope You will enjoy it playing. That was really a GIANT work to be done. But as I wrote, done... exactly would be superb to use also Your new kits, but my work with those 2 projects... ANT mods either for FIFA 15 and FIFA 16 is finished. There will be not any next versions. Thanks for support. My journey in FIFA games modding is finished. Greetings.


Hello. Welcome here to all Fans of national teams football. Nice You are here! As main Author of many ANT mods for PES/FIFA games I want thank You all for supporting these ANT projects.

In the beginning once again important information. To download ANT mod either for FIFA 15 or FIFA 16 please read 1 post on 1 page here. Next clik on link and go to „Official Release Post”. Then please read that „Official Release Post” carrefully with understanding and follow the information written out there how to get the links. There are written 2 conditions required to get the download links:

1. Have got at least 10 messages written here on our forum from own account as member

2. Give a LIKE in the „Official Release Post”

After those 2 conditions written above You Friend will achieve… next I sent the download links automatically by private message to each 1 Person in response. Everytime is the same.

Another important information about possible problems during unpacking giant mods and giant archives. When in the past I have used even old Power Archiver 2013 which was also very good, it did not make it sometimes. So in many places where are my mods I tell People to use Power Archiver 2018 V18.00.58. Once again I would like to remind this. Power Archiver 2018 V18.00.58... it will unpack such giant archives without any errors or information that files could be damaged. It is the best existing archive software. How to do it? Simply. Put all archive parts in one folder after download, click on 1 archive part and choose unpack so it will unpack complete mod. Those last versions here of ANT Patch 2018 for either FIFA 15 or FIFA 16 on PC have been tested by me: packed into 7z, uploaded, downloaded, unpacked from 7z. For sure both these ANT mods work for 100%.

Other important things. In those 2 ANT threads… all main problems have been resolved here and all main questions have been answered aswell here. I have written many information about ANT mods for FIFA 15 and FIFA 16 here in those 2 threads so if You would like to know more about it… then please read both ANT threads before asking me a question which has been answered here. Also please watch many video recordings from both ANT mods which I have made for Everybody. So it is possible to watch those videos and check out how both these ANT mods look like in details…

Of course if there will be a situation in which after complete reading of those 2 ANT threads and many pages inside some of You Friends will not find answer and Your problem will be 100% new… then please write to me directly by private message so I will try to help You. I have spent also giant amount of time to check those 2 ANT mods either for FIFA 15 or FIFA 16 after I have finished them. For that reason I had got a need to be sure for 100% all things are checked and perfect without any crashes or any bugs. So for sure possibility of some new problem could appear is almost impossible.

In the end. I have asked Chuny as our Administrator here a request… to close and lock both these ANT threads either for FIFA 15 and FIFA 16 for that reason… anything new here will be NOT made or added. Both ANT mods are finished as last and final versions. To find all important answers and solutions it is just needed to read both these ANT threads carefully with understanding.

So dear Fans of national teams football and those ANT mods I wish You Friends much of joy and fun while playing those 2 ANT mods. This is the end of my journey in editing the FIFA games. Thanks once again for support for all these ANT projects and national teams football! Greetings from Poland.
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