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FIFA 16 Predictions/Match of the day


Youth Team
Hello and welcome to the FIFA 16 Prediction matches thread.

I am creating this thread so we can play some prediction games in our FIFA 16.

Why predictions? Because you can test so many different teams and players, different stadiums, atmospheres etc.

During weekends and workdays, I will post my choice of games to play in FIFA 16. There will be derbies, best matches, interesting matches from all leagues in Europe. Of course, the number of games is limited so we can play them all.
On workdays, I prefer CUP matches instead of LEAGUE matches (if there are some competitions).
When there is no winter or summer break, expect many games from less popular leagues (thanx to FIP patch).

Also, the list will have time and weather options so we can recreate realistic matches. I am using YoWindow app for weather cause I can see there when Is sunset in some cities so if there is the sun I love to play in the dusk.

We can use this thread to post results, highlights, interesting facts or videos etc. I will post also video that contains interesting stuff from matches, best goals etc.

And please if you are interested post your stuff.

I am playing like this a long long time ago. Unbelievable how many the same results I had just like in real life.

Have fun!


Youth Team
Let's start today. Here is my choice for now.


13:30 Everton - Aston Villa [overcast winter]
14:00 Sivasspor - Fenerbahce [overcast winter]
15:30 Hoffenheim - Borussia Dortmund [overcast winter]
18:30 Sevilla - Celta Vigo [overcast autumn]
18:30 Southampton - Manchester City [overcast winter]
20:45 Lazio - Atalanta [clear winter]
21:00 Lens - Marseille [overcast winter]
21:30 Sporting CP - Sporting Braga [overcast autumn]
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Youth Team
And today's review

Sorry for the video quality, but my game is too much lagging on 1080p.

I missed taking videos and screenshots for the first two matches.

I lost as Villa at Goodison 1-0. And as Fener, I draw against Sivasspor 2-2.

Also, I had a bug with Olimpico stadium so I didn't play Lazio - Atalanta.

Didn't capture a screenshot for Southampton - City, but the match ended with 1-2 with a late goal by Sterling. Southampton had the lead from a penalty.

Struggeled with Hoffenheim and game finished 0-0. So many attacks by me.

Also, Celta played really well against me, but I had a lot of mistakes in defence.

Easy win for OM in Lens.

Late goal win for Sporting CP in a great match against Braga. Still in race for the title.

And a video with some moments and goals

This is just BETA, I still don't know how will look in future.

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Youth Team

Metz - Nice​
overcast winter day​
Standard Liege - Club Brugge​
overcast winter day​
PSV - Ajax​
overcast winter day​
Crystal Palace - Liverpool​
overcast winter day​
Volos - PAOK​
clear winter night​
Galatasaray - Trabzonspor​
overcast winter night​
Hertha Berlin - Bayern Munich​
showers winter night​
FCSB - CFR Cluj​
overcast winter night​
Milan - Juventus​
clear winter night​
Alaves - Barcelona​
clear winter night​
Porto - Famalicao​
clear winter night​

So here it is for today. The list is a little bit bigger than yesterday.
Enjoy and have fun! I hope someone else will post some results, screenshots and videos!


Youth Team
Well, I have Anth James Ball Physics Mod. It's much better like that, I tried to switch to the default game, but it's not good as his.

Also, I used "SUPERNOVA Gameplay FINAL EDITION" in combination with sliders from there.
But I removed sliders to default (all 50) cause I wanted to test something and I left it like that. I changed game speed and acceleration to 48 for me and 47 for CPU, shooting power to 55 and game bar to 37 (it affects game speed).

When I downloaded the mod, there were some files like cl.ini etc that are still in my game folder. So it still has some influence on gameplay.

Also, I added +15 stats overall to all players and teams. Why? I am not a fan of stats. Because If I play with Munchen 1860 doesn't mean that their players are retarded just because play in the low league. Every day we can see awesome actions and goals by small teams and players. And tall players also feel bad with default stats. That's why I did this. So now players are much better (of course there are many 99 stats players in big teams) but it makes the game better.

Little explanation about choosing games. I prefer only matches that have real stadiums in the game. Also, I will play if we have old ground instead of new (for example we have Maccabi Tel Aviv old Bloomfield only).
Also, sometimes I choose interesting matches instead of derby. Like today, I prefer Liverpool at Palace instead of Chelsea vs Tottenham. But depend on team form, the importance of the match.

I play like this since PES6 and started a long time ago. So you don't have to worry is CM gonna work or wait for updates, crashing etc. You only need DB. I really hope the new FIP will be out. My current DB is 22+FIP teams combined.
Thanx to @scouser09 we can play only CUP finals in-game, and that is amazing for this kind of play. And with Revolution mod, we can have all graphics per match and different CUP in kick off.

Also, the important thing is chants, which makes games much better. And with predictions, I can play in many different stadiums with different chants, atmospheres etc. Like Aris, PAOK, PSV, Rapid, Maccabi...


Club Supporter
It's great to see people still so engaged with this great game :) I love this idea of yours and I might post some stuff as well once I have some time.

Are you using any goalnet lines on cl.ini?


Youth Team
I didn't have time to finish the last 3 games today. But anyway it was a great day. Some nice goals and huge mistakes and bad defending by me and some points lost :D
Also, I had a crash at halftime PSV - Ajax (0-0) but I didn't repeat the match.

Bolded is a team played by me.

Metz - Nice 0-3
Great match, Metz didn't have a chance, so many chances turned into goals.

Standard Liege - Club Brugge 0-1

I expected an easy win over Standard because they are in poor form, but in real life, the match ended 2-2. Here I got an early lead with a header by Dost, but in the end, a big chance was missed by Standard as you can see in the video.

Club Brugge fans in the away section

Club Brugge fans celebrating a win

Crystal Palace - Liverpool 2-1

I really enjoyed this one. Selhurst Park from FIFA 22 Switch is amazing and it looks fantastic. I had a bad match here, mostly poor defending. The first goal by Crystal Palace (CPU) was a very nice action. Robertson scored an equaliser from a free-kick but then my big mistake in defence and goal for them. Also, you will see in the video a big chance for Firminho in the last seconds of the game.

Volos - PAOK 1-4

An easy away win for PAOK. The Scissor goal by Swiderski was great. After that Volos scored from the only chance in a match. It was a hard game until in 75' Volos scored OG. Other 2 goals were just the result of attacking play by the home team trying to get at least a draw.

Volos goal for 1-1

PAOK fans celebrating a win

Galatasaray - Trabzonspor 1-0

I lost a very important match in the race for a title. Didn't play well and only had a few chances, and a huge miss for me in the last seconds of the game. You can see it in the video.

Hertha Berlin - Bayern Munich 1-1

I had so many chances, had possession and win in my hands, but then in the last second of the match one cross from the left side and great header for Hertha.

FCSB - CFR Cluj 1-1

I tried as FCSB to make the title race a little bit more interesting and I thought they can do something but Cluj is really strong. I got an early lead with a great goal, but soon later they scored.

And as always, video, some goals and chances from today's games.

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Youth Team

Botosani - Sepsi​
clear winter night​
Romania Casa Liga I​
AEK Larnaca - Anorthosis​
clear winter night​
Cypriot First Division​
Asteras Tripolis - Apollon Smirnis​
overcast winter night​
Super League 1 Interwetten​
Caen - Ajaccio​
clear winter night​
Ligue 2 BKT​
Blackburn Rovers - Middlesbrough​
clear winter night​
Sky Bet Championship​
Almeria - Eibar​
overcast autumn night​
LaLiga SmartBank​

Monday and Friday are always great for second divisions to play. Also some other first division matches.

Have fun!


Youth Team
Botosani - Sepsi 0-1

AEK Larnaca - Anorthosis 2-0

Asteras Tripolis - Apollon Smirnis 1-1


Caen - Ajaccio 0-3

Blackburn Rovers - Middlesbrough 2-1

Almeria - Eibar 2-4

Penalty, again

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Starting XI
Is that the old stadium in the back of the AEK arena ? I have so many memories about that place, when I was 14 I lived nearby Larnaca and had a season ticket there.


Youth Team
18:45Antwerp - Sint Truidenfog winter nightBelgium First Division
19:00Waldhof Mannheim - Viktoria Kolnfog winter nightGermany 3. Liga
19:45QPR - Swansea Cityovercast winter nightEngland SkyBet Championship
19:45Benfica - Boavistaclear autumn nightPortugal Taca da Liga


Youth Team
Just little update:

If anyone is interested, Portugal Taca da Liga 1/2 final matches today and tomorrow will be played in Leiria at Venue Estádio Dr. Magalhães Pessoa .