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FIFA 16 Women Patch


Club Supporter
Any plans on doing stuff for the January window?
I tried modding the game and updating some squads and converting some of the FC24 faces/hairs, but due to lack of time and support I postponed it indefinitely.


Club Supporter
Hi Ollix. here is muchachuela. I noticed your update. good job. I don't know if you remember me, but I helped you with the very first female patch (kits, minifaces, flags and addons). I communicated with Stokstaartje95. I'm making non-patch player minifigures as well as some current kits and accessories. If you are interested, I can share them with you and possibly use them for the next patch (if there will be one) or just something that can be easily inserted into the creation master. preview, current Arna Bjornar kit and one miniface


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