Gustavo Bernardo

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Hello, I have a notebook with an intel hd 5500 and play fifa 18 without many problems.
but I want to play fifa 19 and the pitch is black.
I searched extensively on the internet and saw that this was a driver problem.
so I tried to upgrade, but intel does not update the drivers of this integrated gpu since it is "old", but for intel hd 520 (1 generation later) has the driver that corrects this problem, I wanted to know if anyone can help me.
If I had to do some adaptation in my driver to be able to solve the problem, or be able to leave the intel hd 520 driver compatible with my hd 5500.
or some modification, I do not know. I just want to play fifa 19 and I need somebody with a good heart to help me.

Sorry for bad English. I'm using google translate, I'm Brazilian.


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my friends i have the same problem......can you tell me if you fix it.....i don´t have a video card......i use intel too.....i have a intel core i5 4600 with 8 gb of ram.......i try everything.......but didn´t fix it.......please i need your help
greeting from cuba


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Coming to the real solution, as an intel 5500 user myself, I have encountered the same problem. And looking up online it seems all intel hd users are having the same problem. If you remember, fifa 18 had a headless player glitch with intel hd devices which could be fixed by updating the intel graphics driver. If the problem is really only on intel hd devices, a update might arrive soon for intel graphics driver. Till then all we can do is wait, as i really doubt EA would do anything about this. PS. fifa 18 Nox Vidmate VLC runs fine on our devices, so fifa 19 will definitely work too.