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FIFA 19 XBOX360 mods


Club Supporter
Hello FIFA fans!
I have created a new forum for XBOX360 owners with RGH.
- database updates (teams, players, jerseys, new stadiums, leagues, etc.)

required :
- finalbig program
- xbox360 FIFA16 or FIFA17 Revolution Mod

Pleasant FIFA game for the previous generation xbox.


Youth Team
Really, is it possible to have mods for console?
I have an xbox one with fifa 16, 17, 18 and 19 for it but I only used it when I was gone from home for passing time, never hoped for mods...


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Finalbig program: ( PC )


With this program it is possible to play in the game
to unzip files on a PC so that we can modify the game later.
Unfortunately, this procedure has to be done because there is no regenerator option here than it was on the PC.

If we do the above, we can add new teams, a new league or a new stadium to the game.

To continue:


Club Supporter
I have tried to mod on FIFA games for years on the RGH, but the problem is the chunk compression, which is chunklzx. Unlike PC and PS3 which are chunkzip. I've also tried to open decompressed chunklzx database files and textures, but the texture files come out looking distorted and the database files are unreadable with Db Master.

I'd like to contribute to this thread as much as I can.
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I made it :
premier league teams transfer database file
Until February 01, 2019.

1. Finalbig or FIFA File Explorer 2014 program to extract FIFA19 game data0.big file
2. Unpack the PremierLeague DB 01feb2019 rar file and then copy and overwrite it
fifa_ng_db.db and fifa_ng_db-meta.xml


I'll put the Vaduz Stadium tomorrow
the FIFA14 PC size is converted to work on xbox360 on


Club Supporter
Hello Danz !



with Quickbms.exe program decompressed

The compiled database must be converted to PC format, and you know it with the master program.

I'd like to add new troops, players, stadiums to the database,
I even make a new championship if I need someone from this forum.

I remove the table from the database in txt format and edit it in an exel table. Then I send it back and put it in the db file.


Club Supporter
Thanks for your reply Sandokan. If you decompress the chunklzx database, and edit it once decompressed, how do you recompress it? Can the game read the files decompressed?


Club Supporter

I am a big fan of Fifa 13 XBOX 360 since its release.

I come to you because I have a problem, when using "chunklzx.bms" with "quickbms.exe" , I encounter an error with the file "fifa_ng_db.db". The screenshot demonstrates that the decompression has been

The file is generated "fifa_ng_db_unpacked.db" but the file is unusable with DB Master 12,13 or 14.

Every time the same error.(Capture_2.png)

I tried exactly the same manipulation with the "fifa_ng_db.db" version Fifa 19 XBOX 360 and it works perfectly.

I only play at Fifa 13 and would really like to be able to make changes.

Can you help me please ?

PS: Excuse me, I'm French, I hope that the translation will be understandable.

Thank you


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Youth Team
Hi there!
Just a question (which may sound, and probably is, noobish): we're talking Xbox 360 here but I suppose that using FinalBIG to extract data from the .big files should work also with PS3, right?

I'm trying to extraxt some data (mainly balls and boots) from a couple of old FIFA games for PS3, so whati I should do is get the data3.big file from a random one of the games' BluRay discs and open it, right?

Unfortunately, neither FinalBIG (which loads the file indefinitely) nor FileMaster (which just says that data3.big contains "0 files") seem able to do it.
QuickBMS says that the header doesn't begin with "BIG" (and indeed opening data3.big with HxD shows that QuickBMS is actually right) so I think it is compressed/encoded somehow... Do you know how to decompress/decode it?

Thank you in advance if you can help me... Cheers!


Club Supporter
Hello Mik205 !

Send me: FIFA13 XBOX360 ( 2 files )


, and I convert.


Club Supporter
Hi there!

1. Going to PS3, just because I do not have such a console therefore I do not deal with it.
2. Extracting the big files
FIFA File Explorer 2014 (search google)
3. You can then extract the unpacked files (quickbms.exe)
you are chunklzx.bms
chunkzip.bms script

However, you are going to open the rx3 files in vain (ball, jerseys, logos, etc.) you will see in inverse form and if you change it then, fatal crash in xbox360.

PC- rx3 should be used if it is compatible.