FIFA 20 Default Database


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Hi everyone. :)
Because frosty for sure will not support FIFA 20 sooner than September 24 I've made an attemp to extract the database from game RAM (same as Ariel did last year).

Files included:
- eng_us.DB
- eng_us-meta.XML
- fifa_ng_db.db
- fifa_ng_db-meta.xml
- cards_ng_db.db
- cards_ng_db-meta.xml
- chs_cn.DB
- chs_cn-meta.XML

FIFA 20 -

Of course, to open it you need DB Master. :)

Hey mate, i am busy with a new mod but need some info about the fifa_ng_db file.

I want to edit the default squads to use it for a patch. But some how it doesn't worked..

i tried this:

i updated the squads to the last update, i started a career and used rdbm to export the default squads (the last i updated). After i opend db master, i inported the table to the 'default squads'.
When i go to fifa then, and then try to use standart selections they still give me the oldest there are..
Any tips for me?