FIFA 20-to-16 converted faces.


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What does this app provide? and it won't hurt my FIFA 16?
Here is the reference thread just in case.
Links are dead on the thread but I can re upload the original documents I have if it of anyone interest.

EDIT: I am mixing a bit everything. The files I have are from Mortal (from moddingway, not sure he is a member here). The thread is from cesc fabreags and I personally don't have the dead files.


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I recently experienced something like that with Sancho and Wistel, they looked good once the camera zoomed in on them otherwise they looked not totally bald but like if they had very very short hairs. Using the GFX LOD mod from fidel fixed it for me. Not sure it is exactly the same problem you are describing though.
Yes, this mod fixed my problem. I knew about this mod, but did not think that it would help me. However, I play with a mod that changes the gameplay, and if you use these two mods together, the game starts to respond incorrectly. But thanks anyway for the help.
P.S. I noticed this problem with hairstyles with many new faces converted. I wonder what it depends on, the person who converts, or simply not in another way. Some old hairstyles look much more realistic in the game (not in the editor) than new ones, and without a mod GFX LOD.


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Hello mates, trying to download Lagwagon93 packs but sadly from 28 to 42 are broken links, anyone kind enough to upload those packs.

P.S. I now maybe is too much to ask but any help would be much appreciated.


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Hi. Can you convert Sheffield United players ? (McBurnie, O'Connell , Lundstram , Fleck , Stevens , Baldock , Basham and others ) ths for your works.


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Some more coming soon...


Edit: I might convert the FIFA 20 faces that belong to the update without their hair files (As it takes me too much time to look for a suitable model). Maybe someone else takes that work and converts the hair files. What do you think?