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guys i went wif Eire2k6's method and i typed 4 instead of 3 and it gives me liverpool. 1 = blackburn.

any1 knows about man u

pzl posit



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be careful relegating UCLANUPE - not sure what you tried but if you just change team-league links then it relegates you for the main menu but the career mode will not see the change - you also need the rtsg stuff (which for me was much more complex)

why not just change one field in one record, the manager table way, and not have to be relegated at all? play the game the way EA should have let you (if you want) - oddly this option exists in TCM where you can choose to climb your way up or to just get your fav team

over to Man-U man: Man-U is team_id=11 in most of the database, so you would enter "5" in place of "-1" as the team_id field in the table_team_managers record for manager 0.

I am away from FIFA while I digest how to play TCM-2k5, which has the Irish leagues. But I need fsh files with logos and kits for the Irish league teams (I needed them for FIFA anyhow, and the files are 100% compatible, just in tcm you do not apparently need to put them into the big file after getting the fsh).


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Chelsea is normally team_id = 5 in the fifa database, so for the fifa.db table_team_manager field called team_id in the record for the first manager you would use "2" derived from (normal team_id-1)/2.

Tottenham is normally team_id = 18 in the fifa database. Since this is an even number nobody has figured out yet how to do this one. Sorry. If you find out post it for everyone.

Okay, folks, I am not going to answer this for every single team. Figure it out yourself before you ask. The team_id codes can be found at...
...and, as said all over above, only the odd-numbered teams have been worked out, where you just enter (normal team_id-1)/2.

Arsenal (1) you enter 0
Blackburn (3) you enter 1
Chelsea (5), you enter 2
Everton (7), you enter 3
Liverpool (9), you enter 4
Man Utd (11), you enter 5


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thanks john . i would like to ask can ya enter different teams for different regions. if so which team_ids to edit of row or coloumns.



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Even a cursory look at the link provided will indicate that every team in FIFA is listed not just EPL teams. There is nothing in that list or in any of my posts suggesting this is limited by region.

So... obviously, region does not matter, for instance I have tried this with teams from South America. I did that just to be certain it really would work and it does.

In fact, I believe earlier in this thread I actually mention this test (Gremio, I believe) explicitly. So I am not quite sure why you are asking this?

It works for any team with an odd-numbered team_id. Just edit it into the fifa.db as described and when you start a new career it thinks you are already manager of that team so when you go to the initial team selection screen they are available.


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what i meant is that adding 5 different ids of different regions at once so when i select a any region i can play with many different teams.

is that possible?


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thanks for all the information fellas, but just one problem after viewing the tutorial - how do you save the db in blueshell data guy, the "save" function is greyed out. the only option selectable is "save as" which saves as a .con file which is useless. if i select backup/compact it backs up the old database to a read only file, tried converting that back to fifa.db using unidb but for some reason the fifa.db is missing now and says "unable to open fifa.db". luckily i made a copy of it, so renamed that to fifa.db and tried again. it deleted it again and cant find it. i think i'll give up and wait until someone makes a patch that can do this an easy way.

EA sports - i hate you for making me feel dumb when all i wanted to do was be manager of everton :)