FIFA 2005 Multimedia Thread

As E3 rolls around more and more pictures and videos will be available. In order to keep the forum neat, and multimedia easy to find, all members should post screenshots and videos in this thread where everyone can see them. However, only post links to the pictures so bandwidth is not taken up by all the screenshots.


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The colour on the players' looks better, like say the arm then the hands, in 2004 the hands would be a different colour from the forearms!

It looked stupid. It looks more realistic now...

Youri Bakker

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Yeah, they are the same color now. That's because the hands and arms are on the same part of the texture now, just like Euro 2004.


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the westfallenstadion looks more realistic, it's like you watch a real soccer game live on tv......also the crowd looks nice, it's not the same as 2003......i think it looks more colorfull and more real
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the game is not finished, so of course a lot of it will look like the old game.. for fifa 04 they didnt start using the new kits until the end of the summer