Fifa 2007 Update !!


Youth Team
Hello to all. We made this section for those who want to do a collaboration and make an update to FIFA 2007, with new teams , kits , transfers, tours and sponsors. Anyone who wants to work to post here.

Hobs Crk

Youth Team
i'd love to help...lets shift this thread to the main forum though,doesnt make sense to put it in the kits forum..


Youth Team
Hey Hobs I think dat it wud b btr 2 first make d rosters for all d leagues..Wil U make it???Or anyone else who wud lyk 2 mak it??Plz it wud really b a great thing...Thanks in advance...

Hobs Crk

Youth Team
ah all the rosters? all the leagues? take till next year...maybe we can just choose the teams we want to play against,and update those....or how about a super league,where we have only the top teams playing..barca,madrid,manu,chelsea,arsenal,liverpool,inter,milan and a few more...maybe some teams from other continents too....

keep pouring in your ideas people..


Youth Team
I already I've got to make players that are not, and I need minikit's for new equipment's ! After I finish to do the patch i post a link for download.
Patch - include :
-teams on the FIFA 2007 + Liga I, II, III, Romania.
-and teams in Champions League and European League not in fifa

I need kit for teams from Romania !!



Starting XI
I have corrected the size of 188Bet in the first post...
Hey hobs.. I'll make the sponsors of all the teams in EPL for ur patch....
Here are some more sponsors of EPL...

Etihad Airways [Mancity]