FIFA 23 Starheads Previews and Textures by 852-LTH


Senior Squad
FIFA 23 Starheads Previews by 852-LTH
- 3,024 headshots for male players, female players, legends, managers, referees, stargeneric, boys, girls... every starheads you could find in the game
- 122 separate headshots with strand hair ON
- Two preview options included (by league and by skin tone)

FIFA 23 Starheads Textures by 852-LTH
- 3,024 face textures - Classified into skin tones

In case any facemakers missed my post in FMW discord server, here are the free and useful materials for your modding.


Club Supporter
Hi, great job man!
Brother, would it be possible for you to make available all the mesh files of the female faces? unfortunately my pc does not run fifa 23, and I would like to have the new female faces in my fifa 22.
Hugs, brother!


Youth Team
Hello everyone, could i find somewhere the faces files EA FC 24 to convert them to FIFA 23? or someone has already done it?