FIFA 23 to F14 + F16 PC Face conversions

Harry BullZak

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These packs include all FIFA 23 PC faces for FIFA 14 and FIFA 16.

Please note!

If you found mistakes, please report them in this thread. Don't DM me. Thank you.

Difference between PC and Switch packs
Starheads from the PC version are of higher quality but are a larger overall file size. Starheads from the Switch version are of similar quality to the original FIFA 14. Some Starheads in the Switch version are outdated.

The authors of these faces are EA Sports.
Extraction, Conversion & Eye textures provided by @Harry BullZak
Conversion software created by @Dmitri

Downloads are now organized in one folder. Be sure to select the correct pack for your version of FIFA.

Pack 1 - 3,252 faces - FULL release including updates 1-6* - NEW 230119
FIFA 14: Google Drive | MediaFire
FIFA 16: Google Drive | MediaFire

Password: HarryBullZakMods

*The pack is also a full release including all new face updates. This is due to the original packs having some artifacts on face textures that were not present in the original face texture files.
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Thank you so much!

If someone happens to be assembling a pack of added/updated players only, please upload it too (or at least the list)