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FIFA 98 All-In-One Loader Concept - Feedback Needed


Club Supporter
NOTE: This thread is for discussion about a potential loader for FIFA 98 and World Cup 98 for a better gaming experience. DO NOT POST ANY TOOL DOWNLOAD LINKS HERE 'cause I take no responsibility for these software since I'm not a programmer. But I can provide the ideas to make developers know what we FIFA 98 users need most:

1. FIFA 98 or World Cup 98
2. The loader should have checked if a user have authentic installation first.

Feature Request:
- When loading audio chunks (e.g. PHRS.PBK or ANTH0042.BNK), the loader shall mute the audio chunk and simultaneously playback pre-selected mp3 or other audio format files in whatever location it is. Seriously game audio is the biggest problem when modding FIFA 98 series.

- Custom jersey: when detecting using kit numbers after JERS34.FSH, the loader shall intercept the flag value, change to one smaller than 34 and return it to FIFARTWC.EXE, while the player jerseys are displayed well both on-field and in the in-game editor. If this problem solved, we can also edit the home venues for all the mod teams.

- Display player names when 'Player Number' option is enabled. This may have been done by replacing numbers with names OSD; must hide in the FIFARTWC or WC98.EXE's allocated memory too.

- Custom faces: there's slim chance it can be done. The faces of 98 are all packed in a name-to-be-recalled FSH file. If increased and the loader can smoothly fake it as normal faces to the game executable perspective, then you should see custom faces.

Now I'm going to dinner. Later I shall remember something more important to be implemented for the loader itself.

3DM, I'm calling you! :-|


Club Supporter
I know I'm a little late to this message, but there's some interesting things here. I'm not a programmer neither, but if someone knows how to do any of these things for FIFA RTWC 98 (especially the names display), it could be great.