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FIFA-ASIA World Tour 2012 ( 90 +National Teams patch)

esteghlal f.c

Senior Squad
Puma Away

some Puma Away:



Senior Squad
really nice ball! I'm gonna release an another update + FIFA 12 pics, and soon a patch for FIFA 12 for Algeria


Senior Squad
I have good news!! When I created Algeria (original id=111448) the commentator (for me it's Clyde Tydsley) says "corner for Algeria", "Algerian throw" and when I created some players who were present in FIFA 11 but moved on clubs who aren't in FIFA 12, they have a miniface and sometimes also a comment!

For the patch I've almost finished it, I added the players who played this week, I also added minifaces for the local players and the others who didn't have one:

other pic:

Uploaded with ImageShack.us


Senior Squad
I also made the latest rosters for algeria (even local players with minifaces) so plz I'd be happy if you take it

I'm waiting for Iran ;)


Unreliable deceiver
Staff member
Hey Esteghlal, when you finish your kits can you send them to me in .rx3 format?

Also, have you made menu logos?


Youth Team
esteghlal f.c;3144603 said:
thx veggt next Nike 2012 kits :D

cant wait for Estonian kit :)
and i remind you just in case, that i can help you with Estonia squad, at least with lineups and players stronger sides at minimum, as im huge Estonian national team fan. reason, why im offering this, is that even in your 2011 FIFA world tour patch, Estonia squad was still from 2009 (for example Voskoboinikov wasnt playing in NT from end of 2009 until Estonia-Ireland match just recently)! and of course i like your good work :)