fifa do strange things


Senior Squad
my fifa modify does strange things, let me explain.
I am currently doing 3 additional French leagues, all working very well.
the last update my break the squad
it's not the first time.
other examples
one day I change a team's budget the changes are taken into account when I launch a career and is good. I restart a new career a few weeks after the budget is back to normal.
I change the country of league work perfect and one day becomes normal again.
and I specify without updating ea.
nothing really bad but painful to do, redo.
another thing I remember on fifa 16 certain tool had a problem with certain country. example stadium server fifa 16 could have problems with the French language did not work. if I passed in English language worked very well.
so maybe there is something with the localization of the language in origin except of course the restriction of the kits
also sometimes a black screen very dark in games occurs. I just change the setting and return to normal
where is a ghost hiding in my fifa