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FIFA Evolution Romanian League v. 1 - FERL


Reserve Team
I want to thank you for releasing this patch.

Two things I don't like in it:
1. The fact that Romania doesn't have for home its all-yellow kit
2. Why you didn't move the teams from Norway in the Rest of the World section? Those teams are totally gone. I'm playing with Astra and I've set the language of the announcer to be english, rather than the default "russian". So when I replace Distefano with Budescu, the announcer says that some norwegian player got replaced with another norwegian player (norwegian names, of course).

Apart from that, the faces are ok, the db mistakes (some Ceahlaul foreign players were set as romanians) were fixable and I can't complain too much about it.

So keep it up and maybe you'll repeat this work with FIFA 14 too! ;)

campeador;3378249 said:
after one season, relegated teams are replaced with who?
What relegated teams? Nobody is going to be relegated at the end of the season because there's no 2nd level to relegate to.