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FIFA Infinity Patch 16 V7.2 (23/24 Edition)


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The release of this version of the patch is great, adding the 5th and 6th level of the English league gives a lot of fun to play and build power in English football, for me as a Pole and a fan of English football it is a lot of fun, especially where I have several stadiums for clubs from these levels thank you for this patch version. As a Pole, I would also be very happy if the patch with the Polish league made by Robmar85 was included in the next version of Infinity Patch, of course, with the consent of the Author Robmar85
I put the version with "UEFA A", but there are no English leagues 5 and 6. What to do?


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it's a pity that it didn't work out with cups for Vanarama Nationa League, unless it's in to be added in Turnament Manager and I don't know


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Problem traning for me.
@scouser09 kit blue/green
How to fix it?
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Senior Squad
Another reminder, anyone with issues should give as much information as possible. This should include relevant edits you have made mods you have added.

where is Marcelo ex Real Madrid, there is the prisoner of Dani Alves but there is no Marcelo

Olympiacos has had a transfer update since Marcelo left but Fluminense has not been updated since he joined. UNAM Pumas has not been updated since Dani Alves left.

My friend you mention that you have updated all the leagues except except Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Mexico, UAE and Egypt have updated 22/23 or 2022 season squads. But The Chilean League is not updated squad nor the Teams, Magallanes and Deportivo Copiapo are not includes as well as Belgrano and Instituto in the Argentina League which are the new teams in each league

Luis Suarez still appears in nacional and he is playing for Gremio which still appear in Seria B of Brazil instead of Serie A as well as Cruzeiro.....

Sorry for mentioning all this but if you are going to publish something about the patch and the updates, let's be correct and do not give false expectations

My description says "22/23 or 2022" not "22/23 or 2023". This means leagues like Brazil, Uruguay and Chile are updated for the 2022 season, not the 2023 season. All updated squads are September 2022 or more recent.

Tell me who downloaded the patch, is it in the Series C (Italy)

The league list is on the download page.

I put the version with "UEFA A", but there are no English leagues 5 and 6. What to do?

There is a file called "League List.txt" which was included with the patch which lists what leagues are in each version.

View attachment 120432View attachment 120433
Problem traning for me.
@scouser09 kit blue/green
How to fix it?

This issue was resolved in V6.1. You would also need to apply a V6.1 version as part of the problem was in the DB.

How can I fix this name?

Check the size of "data\loc\locale.big", it should be 16 kb. This file was included in V6.0 and is needed to make the game read the patch language DBs.

Good morning. Why is this error coming out with CM16?

Because tight fit jersey models do not exist for female players in FIFA 16. Considering there are no female players in this patch, this really needs some context.

The game crashes around the second half. What to do?

Maybe a problem pop-up file? You need to give much more information, including what mods you have added to the patch.


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I installed the 6.0 mod. I start playing and sometimes the game crashes during the match. I didn't make any changes. Sometimes it crashes at 90 minutes. at any minute in general.


Youth Team
Who faced with this problem. I installed this patch (6.1), when I go to CM 16 and click on the name (Inter in the case of Onan) displays this window, press execute and everything is fine (not all names pop up this window)


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