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Fifa manager mod


Club Supporter

Hi Im back,

And want to completely overhaul the career mode again and change everything to make the game final
and realistic and as close to a manager game as possible.

I have released other half arsed attempts of mods and did release a quick lite version with a lot of edits and things left out and with feedback and my own thoughts i decided everything needed to be started from scratch and look and edit things from a different approach.

So I want to do a massive new overhaul and completely rework everything and the values

Added lots more different effects so the base value of players can be far less.

The new version of the mod will be a totally different experience and final as i am testing everything rigorously.

Ive posted this to give you a incite to the mod and to see if anyone can help, which will help me massively to release the mod quicker as im spending way to much time on it, trying to get everything perfect.

So Im Looking for a few people who have a interest in trying to get FIFA career mode as realistic as can be and want to come together and partner up and make a final improved FIFA16 Career Mode.

If you know how some things work with editing FIFA and could help me with this mod please let me know.

The plans for the mod is to make career mode as much as a manager game as can be.

I have just today completed player values and wages for the mod.
Im currently working on the transfer system now and about 90% done (but still need a bit of help with this).
Also i need help with editing and testing lots of other stuff that helps changes the career mode for the better.

If you're interested and can help me let me know and will add you to the modding team.

Early Promo Screens

Im using and creating this as a addon with moddingway as there mod is great with there updated DB, leagues transfers etc.
But this mod will be compatible with all other mods (that dont change the same things) and the vanilla version as i do not want to change the DB.
Also will be for and apart of WWTFIFAMODS

Any questions welcome.


Youth Team
chris, I sent you a message, but with this new theme I do not know if it reached you. All is very confusing.