FIFA National Teams v4.2 by Skoczek

Do you want Jose Antonio Reyes instead Juanito in Classic Spain?

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well, nice thing :) do you plan to include the roster update too for gold cup 2021?
any chance of can 21 rosters ? (don't know if they are updated).

any chance if I help about women national teams? I found a way to add the players without specific face: recognize the generic hair and head id, copy duplicate the files to the player's id (as it, it become a specific "generic" face, and copy the face texture from men generic id correponding with softened traits) :D
I found out how FIFA 16 deals with it. Generic faces are just different skin types (clean, freckled, rough and then women ones)
It can work that way here as well, I guess.
As for Gold Cup...maybe for smaller teams but USA team look like reserves. No Reyna, Pulisic, McKennie, Dest etc...
Mexico did better, but still...maybe. Of course groups will be updated.
You mistype something in response. For Immobile, well...I didn't watch all Italy matches, but you can't redeem him the trophy and 2 scored goals.


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You can recognize me, because I made some faces and the most important - database for National Teams Mod by @ovide. You can check what he done here. After coming to an agreement between us, we decided that I would release my own version of the mod. Finally, the time has come. I present to you:

FIFA National Teams v3

Update 3.1:

All thing you have to do to install this is to paste all of this in your FIFA 14 main folder, regenerate and play.

- all 211 FIFA-associated teams
- Bonaire, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint-Martin, Sint Maarten (5 non-members playing in CONCACAF)
- World XI (players who have retired from national teams i.e. Özil, Vardy, Pique etc.)
- FIFA Draft (replaces the old World XI ergo draws a team)
- Fantasy XIs: Europe, Asia, South America, North America, Africa and Oceania
- Volta Team with celebrities and fictional characters featured in FIFA series (Alex Hunter, Volta characters) + my previously secret player
- 32 Classic XIs including: England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil + Rest of Europe, Rest of the World + Classic XI
- 8 Classic "B" Teams
- World Cup (default groups from the 2018 World Cup, full qualifiers and the final tournament in Qatar)
- UEFA EURO (default groups, random, random with qualifiers)
- Copa America (default and random groups with old format from 2019, new format from 2021)
- Africa Cup of Nations (default and random groups, random with qualifiers)
- Asia Cup (default and random groups, random with eliminations)
- OFC Nations Cup (default and random groups, both with preliminary round)
- 2021 FIFA Arab Cup
- kits mostly updated to 2021
- fonts and numbers in a large number of the most important national teams
- a lot of stadiums (including all from WC2018, WC2014, EURO '20, EURO '16, EURO '12, CA2019, CA 2021 etc, a lot of national, additional stadiums, generic stadiums from WC2014)
- new GUI
- player database updated to May 2021 (credit to @Harry BullZak )
- balls from World Cup since 1970 and UEFA EURO since 2000. (credit to @Harry BullZak and @GIGGIRIVA )
- new soundtrack
- HUGE amount of faces


With the help of the FIFA Revival Mod Team and after three years of searching, I made a soundtrack. It is compatible with everything. Because it's a soundtrack.
Includes songs from the World Cup and UEFA EURO, several songs from the whole FIFA series history + 1 bonus track.


Ricky Martin - La Copa de la Vida (1998 World Cup France)
E-Type - Campione 2000 (EURO 2000 Belgium & Netherlands)
Vangelis - Anthem (2002 World Cup South Korea & Japan)
Jennifer Pena - Vamos Al Mundial (2002 World Cup South Korea & Japan)
Nelly Furtado - Força (EURO 2004 Portugal)
Herbert Grönemeyer ft. Amadou & Mariam - Zeit, Dass Sich Was Dreht (2006 World Cup Germany)
Bob Sinclar ft. Gary Pine - Love Generation (2006 World Cup Germany)
Anaís, Ana Bárbara, M. Seoane, P. Montero - Arriba, Arriba (2006 World Cup Germany)
Enrique Iglesias - Can You Hear Me (EURO 2008 Austria & Switzerland)
R. Kelly, ft. the Soweto Spiritual Singers - Sign of a Victory (2010 World Cup South Africa)
Shakira ft. Freshlyground - Waka Waka (2010 World Cup South Africa)
K'Naan - Wavin' Flag (2010 World Cup South Africa)
Oceana - Endless Summer (EURO 2012 Poland & Ukraine)
Carlos Santana ft. Wyclef, Avicii, and A. Pires - Dar um Jeito (We Will Find a Way) (2014 World Cup Brazil)
Pitbull ft. Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte - We Are One (2014 World Cup Brazil)
Shakira ft. Carlinhos Brown - La La La (2014 World Cup Brazil)
Aloe Blacc, David Correy, Monobloco - The World Is Ours (2014 World Cup Brazil)
David Guetta & Zara Larsson - This One's for You (EURO 2016 France)
Nicky Jam ft. Will Smith and Era Istrefi - Live It Up (2018 World Cup Russia)
DJ Smash ft. Egor Kreed and Polina Gagarina - Komanda 2018 (2018 World Cup Russia)
Jason Derulo, Maluma, Qurat-ul-Ain Balouch - Colors (2018 World Cup Russia)
Martin Garrix feat. Bono & The Edge - We Are The People (EURO 2020 Europe)
Chumbawamba - Tubthumping (Tubthumper)
Blur - Song 2 (Blur)
Gorillaz (Soulchild Remix) - 19-2000 (Gorillaz)
Caesars - Jerk It Out (Love for the Streets)
The Feeling - Sewn (Twelve Stops and Home)
MGMT - Kids (Oracular Spectacular)
Architecture in Helsinki - Escapee (Moment Bends)
Imagine Dragons - On Top Of The World (Night Visions)
John Newman - Love Me Again (Tribute)
Avicii - The Nights (The Days / Nights)
Kwabs - Walk (Love + War)
Bastille - Send Them Off! (Wild World)
The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony (Urban Hymns)


I am grateful that so many people have agreed to publish these faces. I have been collecting them for about 2 years now and decided to share them. I may update this database as well, but in return I would like you to look at these players and find the ugliest or unfinished faces so someone will see it and a new face will be made. This pack contains almost 8500 faces, so I can't guarantee that they are all at least good.
And due to the response from the community, I have divided this pack into parts to make it easier to download.


Database: @ovide; @Harry BullZak; @somuchbetter; @GIGGIRIVA; @tampliersf
Adboards: @PaoloDNY
Kits: @robmar85; @Ajax1995; @makispla2017; @GIGGIRIVA; @KompanyThePeople; creators of FIFA 21 Kit Creator
Kit numbers and fonts: @makispla2017; @127; owners of
Shoes: @Pitico
Tattoos: @Ferpock
Faces: @Dmitri generic and specific faces; @GIGGIRIVA; @Alphonso White; @MrMarepoto; @gogo23; @Franco; @shayan sharma; @Faces by Jeff; @Ealixo; @ZACARIAS SICHIN BERT; @ALEXIAN!!; @Solmyr; @LUISPB; @HM Facemaker; @flavinho4208; @Lagwagon93; @Lol guy; @Chandalala; @afwan; @xulang; @RALE; @Zargo; @KevinAlvarez; @ramzidz15; @FIFA 14 FacesSudamérica; @Teclas, @King AJ, me and probably many others that I couldn't find
Stadiums: same as in @ovide 's mod + @gonzaga 's Puskas Arena and Estadio Defensores del Chaco
Tournaments: @ovide; @Harry BullZak
Balls: @Harry BullZak and @GIGGIRIVA
Models: @tokke001
Testing: @Arkadio7PL
Soundtrack: @Death GOD 7; @Emran_Ahmed and all FRM Team
FIFA File Loader: Jenkey1002
Creation Master and DB Master: Rinaldo
Honourable mention: @valambrosio2

I hope that I didn't forgot anyone now. By the players, for the players.

Known bugs:
- I still don't know how to create schedule files, so tournaments aren't 100% realistic

Finally, after months of combining, sweat, nerves and $5 spent on this, I can finally put this project to rest. As there are bugs and EURO 2020 and Copa America are approaching there will be patches, but for now I'll be able to return to my project FIFA 07 Remaster, which will probably be rebooted. It was exhausting, I need to rest. And for now I'm off to play Mirror's Edge.
Now really I am going to play Mirror's Edge. Cheers!

PS: Link to FIP 14 v.3.0:
how to create custom soundtrack?
the file is sbr and sbs, any guide to create it?


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I'm slowly preparing an update

But I'm still looking for kits that Puma sent them strict before EURO (I have Italy, Czech Republic and Switzerland kits, but I need Austria away kit)
Does someone have this?


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I saw somewhere in this forum North Macedonia kit numbers, but I can't find them now. Someone knows about them?


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I see that there were only 10 Russian players out of 26 which got their portraits?
Where I can find rest of them?