FIFA National Teams v4.2 by Skoczek

Do you want Jose Antonio Reyes instead Juanito in Classic Spain?

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Here's what was added and changed:

- all teams rosters updated to 2022
- converted FIFA 22 summer database
- coaches update
- few corrections in database, so some entries for your players are free
- Classic XI replaced by Soccer Aid
- changed id of Papua New Guinea and Sao Tome
- The Journey characters added to Volta Team
- 6 new Classic Teams
- added 6 new players to Classic Teams
- fixed classic Belgian player - Lorenzo Staelens
- new Rest of Europe XI
- CONCACAF, CAF and AFC restructure
- 1 more song in soundtrack and changed songs to their FIFA versions
- dlc restructure (2 versions real groups and random groups)
- updated tournaments
- 6 full World Cup qualifier campaigns
- Classic UEFA Euro
- more than 50 new stadiums @valambrosio2 @Masterleo10
- new UI and game font
- updated team crests and tournament logos
- new faces (now there are more than 10000 of them)
- updated faces from Classic Patch 14
- a dozen of player faces have animations now
- removed many unnecessary face bumps
- more tattoos by @Juan Carlitos Hechavarria and @FinoAllaFineADP
- smaller logos @Greyangelo
- dozens of new kits, kitnumbers by @robmar85 @makispla2017
- 2022 World Cup kits by @FIF EDITION COSTA RICA @ovide
- new kits for continental XIs
- more adboards by @PaoloDNY
- new flags for classic teams
- team flags from FIFA 22, 21, 18…
- Louis van Gaal manager model for the Nehterlands
- added Copa America and Asian Cup trophy models
- added Adidas Al Rihla ball
- new shoes from FIFA 22
- new balls from FIFA 22
- updated tournament dressing including 2022 WC by @TheWickets
- training and arena ball (Al Rihla)
- fixed Russia front numbers
- fixed blur bug on low and very low settings
- fixed bug with players wearing pants (expect for Kiraly)
- miniface for Sardar Azmoun

release soon...


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Link is finally available to download for anyone. It's in the first post.

For now, from October 2nd, 2022, until I come back to modding, I'd like to see technical support and bug patching handled by @ovide.


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Congrats for the patch,amaaaazing!
Hakim Ziyech and Harit put in Morroco national team.
Florea Dumitrache(best attacker romanian from history) in classic Romania.
Joao Cancelo in Portugal national team.


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How do I solve the problem of the files with winrar when I unzip them? I downloaded the files and it turns out that when I unzip I get the message corrupted archive or unexpected end of the file. I can not install this mod that comes with all the selections, how do I solve it to be able to install full and without error?

messi as

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I was compressing them with 7zip
The mod works very well for me, it would be missing some new balls like the ones used by the national teams that have nike and the nation league ball, and also the world cup stadiums I guess that will be updated over time , I never imagined playing with San Marino haha I congratulate you for the mod!