FIFA RTWC 98 Fake Players


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Dear fellow retro gamers :ewan:
I‘ve recently rediscovered FIFA RTWC 98 (along with some nearly 20 year old savegames) … still an awesome game and pure nostalgia for me!
I came across something I wondered 20 years ago too. What’s up with those ridiculous overrated MLS-players like McDonald (should be the highest rated player in the game) or Smith? Are they „easter eggs“ or are their values so high because of mistakes? What do you think?


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I think that many of them are the developers, but I haven't checked (it was so in Fifa 97, where this guy was one of the strongest players:,7663/). Also, a lot of lesser known national teams have players that don't figure anywhere in football databases (I googled some from the African national teams and even checked the scoresheets of some international games from 94 to 97)