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Finally we have released our most important and official patch!

This patch will add Jelen Super League and Prva Liga Telekom(our second league) and Serbian national team.

DOWNLOAD Installation

messi and Filip - Jelen Super League database
Mitke92 - Prva Liga Telekom database
Devilish Soldier - Mini-kits
Shone_Roma - Kits

And for additional enjoying in patch use

Zicjstark JSL scoreboard

Fejsbruk JSL popups
Fifa Serbia Online All right reserved

Expect also to release a pack of flags for a few days...

I hope you will like our patch,enjoy! (Y)


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It looks awesome, I'll wait for the cmp. Is there a option that a patch with Serbian, Croatian and Slovene leagues could be released as a cmp together? I'd really like to see that happen. I know CEP will also be released, but still.


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Better wait for CMP file guys...we will fix some things and patch will be much better for play...when we release CMP file with some fixes we will certainly update will be done for hour I think...

@darxxx wait for CMP...about cooperation for regional patch we are open and we talked with croats...they say when they finish patch they will also be open...but still someone have to do macedonian,bosnian and montenegrian be complete regional patch...


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Good, I've never played FIFA in Serbia before, I might give a try when the CMP version is out.
Well done sir !


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tisi_tc;3022797 said:
that,s a data folder not a cmp
Thats CMP for Creation master. Only problem is that there is no Red Star Home kit. I will fix that later.
Also there will be minor changes.


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Installation and CMP File downloads are updated and for download...all mistakes and bugs,crashes are fixed...I tested and see for can download both things from the first post on the page.

Thanks for your patience...