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FIFA Slovenija League 13 Patch


Club Supporter
I would like to present you my first project Slovenija League 13 patch.

- Real rosters for the 12/13 season 10%
- Slovenija League playable manager & tournament modes 5%
- Real jerseys with correct collars,number placements etc 20%
- Real budgets 20%
- Realistic workrates, skill stars and traits for all players 10%
- Minifaces for some of the players 20%
- New teams 7%
- Faces for top players 0%
- Slovenia U21 team 90%
- Slovenia 2000 team 10% NEW
- Real kit and some historical kits for Slovenia 20%
..and many more

First version will include NK Olimpija ,NK Maribor ,Slovenia U21 and other stuffs. 40%

If you want to help you are welcome.
We need kit maker.
Thanks for any interest.
Info: [email protected]
No FIFA Slovenija League 13 Patch this year .


Club Supporter


Club Supporter
Good luck,I am happy to see slovenian league again...

@ziga7 contact me,I would like to talk with you,simply to ask you some questions,and maybe help if I can....



Club Supporter
MUFC11;3423949 said:
Great, good luck mate !
when maribor-olimpija version will be released ??

I don't know i don't have much free time . I will make soon as posible but it will be faster with some help .Kits,graphics(no minifaces) are done ,i must make players.

New wallpaper:


Reserve Team
Great work mate, the slovenian prva liga it's an interesting tournament with a great team like Maribor (Y)

PD: I really love the Slovenia National Team shirt :D